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What’s Her XXX Talent?

One of my favorite things about cam girls is discovering what their individual talents are. Of course some are simply making money for nice tits and ass, but others learn to exploit other selling points. Sometimes they can do really impressive physical things and other times it’s more to do with a personality trait or something else. I have never watched a cam girl tie a cherry stem into a knot, but I did watch one swallow a flaming sword once.

Seeking out unique traits and talents has sort of become my new hobby while surfing live XXX cams. Lots of girls can do the splits or wrap their legs around their head, but fewer can draw with their toes, or move a frozen cucumber in and out of their vagina, hands-free.

There was a nerdy girl the other night who loved geeky roleplay. She was actually excited to get to be Hermione to my Ron. I’ve never actually watch Harry Potter, but she convinced me that I should. Another girl was great at voice impressions and gave me jerk off instruction while voicing Lois from Family Guy. It was weird, but a lot of fun.