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Month: January, 2019

You Never Know What You’re Going To Get

A few years ago a friend told me to check out webcams. He knew I wasn’t a big fan of porn, and he thought I might prefer them. He was right. I like the fact that cams are more personal. The models don’t have teams of people working to make them look good. No hair and make-up teams making them gorgeous. No directors are telling them where to put their hands or how to move their bodies to give the best camera angle. No one is feeding them scripts. Webcams are raw and authentic, and I can’t get enough.

Viewers can peek at free cam streams on and check out all their glorious options. I’m the type of guy that likes a lot of different things. I can find beauty in just about anyone. With this site, they scour the net for the best action and put six live chat streams at a time on the screen for you to check out. You just click on the one you want to spend a little time with, and you’re good to go.

I’ll Never Go To Another Strip Club

I’ve been going to strip clubs for a lot of years. I absolutely love it. I don’t think there’s anything more erotic than a woman stripping down in front of me. I like having a drink in my hand and music playing. It’s a great time, other than the fact that it’s expensive to get in the door. A lot of clubs have a drink minimum, and for one on one time with the girls, a guy could go broke. Not to mention the fact that you’re typically surrounded by drunk guys varying in age, but there’s always at least one obnoxious guy you just want to throat punch.

One night I was searching for porn, and I came across this strip chat review. I had no idea such a thing was out there. There are hundreds of girls at any given time that are just waiting for an audience to strip down. I can enjoy from the comfort of my own home without paying any cover charge. I can drink as much as I want and pull my dick out without anyone staring at me all crazy.